Abbey V.S. Newsletter – Mon 11th Nov

Abbey Vocational School Newsletter 4th Nov- 10th Nov 2019

 All Ireland Scholarship 2019

image001The Abbey Vocational School Community is delighted for past student Síofra Mauerhofer who has been chosen as one of two from Donegal to receive a 2019 All Ireland Scholarship as part of the JP McManus scholarships programme. Síofra is studying music at Trinity College and is loving every minute of it.

The JP McManus Scholarship Programme was established in 2008 to support many young students across Ireland by providing them with financial support thus enabling them to participate in all aspects of university life. 125 All Ireland Scholarships from the 32 counties are awarded each year and 2019 will see the total number rise to 1,496, with 905 successful graduates having emerged with primary and post graduate degrees. 

According to JP McManus “ I fundamentally believe that education is the key to success and now more than ever is a time for the true spirit of education to be fostered”.

Congratulations Siofra Mauerhofer!

West Side Story – *Tickets now on sale*

  • From the school office. Tel- 0749721105
  • Adults- €12 Students – €8

Students can also purchase tickets from the assembly during break and lunch Monday- Friday

Showtime is approaching!By Savannah Timoney.


This year the AVS Transition Year Musical Production is ‘Westside Story’, rehearsals have been taking part each day to perfect the musical!

With only three weeks left until opening night of West Side Story, cast & crew alike are really upping the intensity of rehearsals. With the lines learned & dance steps practiced, now all focus is being concentrated on polishing edges & adding pizzazz to the performance. The dedication the cast showed over the mid-term break in rehearsals has really paid off & means we are making steady progress now that we are back in school. Much of this week has been spent on the song “Somewhere”, in which Tony & Maria imagine a world without violence or hate, where they can truly be free to spend their lives together, despite their different backgrounds. This song features a beautiful four-part harmony that transports the audience to this blissful world of the young couple’s imagination. A graceful dance sequence gives the number a finishing touch of serenity. As a student myself, I feel very proud of my peers for being able to perform such a wonderful scene.

Costumes are now being gathered for the performers & seeing them really helps one to visualise what the finished performance will look like. The bright, flowing skirts of the girls make for vibrant & exciting dances while the shabby shirts & converse of the gang members help to reinforce their tough, deprived backgrounds. Props & backgrounds made by the staff & students of the school also add another layer to the show. The cast will be eternally grateful to all of the people working quietly behind the scenes as the musical wouldn’t be possible without their hard work.

Tickets to West Side Story are now being sold in the assembly area every lunch & break time so make sure to get yours soon!


Transition Year Students are rehearsing for the Musical.


First and Second Year AVS Students practising for the Musical.

AVS Art Competition – Westside Story 

Win two tickets to Westside Story for a night of your choice and a photograph with the lead performers as well as a goody bag to enjoy throughout the Show! We will also feature all entries on the walls at the entrance to the Bosco.

The Theme is Westside Story! 

The Competition is to- Design a Poster to promote the Musical Westside Story ! 

We will collect the entries on Mon 18th November or post them into the school before this date. Winners announced on Thursday 21st.

Good Luck 

Parent-Teacher Meeting

The Parent/Teacher meeting for 3rd Yr students takes place on Wednesday November 13th. Please attend between 3.45pm and 6.15pm. Thank you 

Christmas Tests for 5th and 6th years 

The Christmas tests for 5th and 6th years will take place during the week from 2nd to the 6th of December. All students will receive a report home based on these results which account for 50% of the grade. The other 50% will come from ongoing formative and summative assessment over the term. 

Students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd year will receive a report home based on an average of class tests for the terms work as well as their ongoing JCT formative Assessment. All students will receive a report home at Christmas.

Parents Association Table Quiz

This takes place on Friday Night 15th In Doms Pier One  – all welcome to attend.  

 The Music Department

Lunchtime Guitar Lessons

image005AVS Student Jack Lennox is holding guitar lessons in room 16 on Fridays.  These boys may be the future Rory Gallaghers and Jemi Hendrixes!!

Choir continues to meet on Tuesdays at lunchtime.  We are working for the Carol Service now.


Traditional group meet now on Thursdays and are preparing for the carol service.   We remember our great friend Aisling who played guitar and flute in the traditional group and performed many times.  

Musical rehearsals every lunchtime and after school.  Leads and chorus are working hard for the musical and they are really beginning to understand their parts.


Some of our pit singers enjoying tea and brownies (Thank you Sarah Canny) @ lunchtime while working on songs for the musical.  


Science Department

image008Congratulations to Transition Year Students Ailbhe Loughney’s & Ella Doherty’s BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition project “Flax as an alternative to heavy duty plastic strapping for packaging”.

In 1963 two UCD physics researchers, Rev. Dr. Tom Burke and Dr. Tony Scott, came across the concept of ‘Science Fairs’’ while conducting research in New Mexico, America. These local school science exhibitions culminated in State Fairs and ultimately a national competition. The pair decided that this type of hands-on science was something that Irish students could benefit from, by taking science outside the four walls of the classroom and showing that it is all around. And so the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition was born.

The BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition is much more than a competition; it is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime for the students who take part. The Exhibition itself is the final stage in the competition, which is open to all second level students from Ireland, both north and south.

image009Next up is Second Years Jane Faulkner’s, Erin Britton’s and Ciara Friel’s @BTYSTE project “Can education reduce the use of single use plastics?” We can’t wait to see can the girls help solve the overuse of single use plastics in our school environment.



image010Second Years Eadaoin Murphy’s & Shane Harvey’s @BTYSTE “Antimicrobial Seaweeds” project. They hope to investigate the antimicrobial properties of different native seaweeds on different bacterial cultures using an aseptic laboratory technique

Amazing to see our students choosing responsibility over complacency in taking action against climate change!


  1. Thank you to those that attended the information evening for parents/guardians of Leaving Cert students in the school last Tuesday evening. The presentation by Ms Faherty, Guidance Counsellor covered all important topics including 3rd level, FET, Apprenticeships, Traineeships, SUSI, DARE, HEAR & Scholarships.
  2. Career talks for Leaving Certs taking place in the school over the coming weeks:
  • University of Limerick: 11 Nov. @ 11.55 – 12.35
  • Donegal ETB Apprenticeship & Traineeships: 13 Nov. @ 10.20 – 11.00
  • Donegal ETB Further Education & Training (FET): 20 Jan. @ 2.00 – 2.40
  • Work-Based Degree in Mechatronic Systems Engineering – IT Sligo: 29 Jan. @ 10.20
  1. Maynooth University Open Day will take place on 29 Nov. The Guidance department will bring 5th-year students to this event. The cost of the bus is €10, payable to Ms Mc Morrow. The bus will depart the school @ 7 a.m., return to the school @ approx. 7 p.m.
  2. Leaving Certs: 1-1 appointments are always available; speak to your Guidance Counsellor for booking instructions.
  3. Keep an eye on our regularly updated Guidance website. Go – click on the Guidance logo.


Chess Club The Chess Club has resumed on Mondays in room 3 and all new members are welcome! The game of chess is played by millions of people worldwide.  Chess is believed to be derived from the Indian game Chaturanga sometime before the 7th century. If you have an interest in joining our Chess Club please come along to our meetings as everyone is welcome!

The Maths Club The Abbey Vocational School Maths Club meets on Fridays at lunchtime in Room 30. The Maths Club runs an enrichment programme that focuses on helping students enjoy Maths!

Literacy ‘The Readathon’ The English Department have embarked on the ‘The Readathon’ initiative. This initiative is an amazing opportunity for Students to engage and challenge themselves establishing a lifelong love of books all while raising funds for multiple sclerosis!

The Well Read Award The English Department has been working with The PDST ‘Well Read National Award’. This is a national initiative designed and organised by the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST). It aims to create heightened awareness about the importance of creating a culture of reading in school communities for students as part of their personal and academic development. 

The Reading Club

image011Students studying Level 2 took a trip to the local Library and are now members and avid readers!

The Reading Club with Ms. O’Donnell is at lunchtime on Wednesdays in Room 12. If you have a love of reading, join our book club! It is a reading group for Students who love to read and talk about books, if that is you then join our Club!

French Department

Alors que les élèves irlandais ont repris les cours après une petite semaine de vacances, les élèves français ont profité de deux semaines de vacances, alors qu’ils n’ont repris les cours qu’en septembre ! Bien que le froid commence à s’installer, de nombreux festivals de musique ont lieu en France, comme le Festival de Jazz de Nice.

Health Promoting School

The Health Promoting School team has been working hard over the past two weeks. One of the many students forced incentives for this year is the redesigning of our school toilets. Two toilets have been redesigned so far, the students will work together to redesign the rest of the toilets in the school over the coming months.

Active Schools Flag Walkway

On Monday the 4th of November the Abbey Vocational School welcomed Parents and families to walk the Active Schools Flag Walkway. Thank you to Ms O’Mahony for developing this Walkway. The walk was enjoyed by all on a crisp Monday evening. 


Teaching & Learning: Introduction to Success Criteria.

In each class students will hear about learning intentions. They may also hear teachers refer to Success Criteria. These are closely linked to learning intentions. (See Newsletter 16th Sept). Success criteria are designed by the teacher and/or the student and describe what success looks like. They help our students to make judgements about the quality of their learning.

In simple terms, success criteria are the things students need to do in order to make a piece of work, whether it be an essay, a project, a CBA or an exam answer, good!

 For example, a learning intention might be: “To present a point of view in a persuasive manner”.

Success criteria for this learning intention might look like the following

  • I will begin with a good opening sentence.
  • I will present reasons and examples to back up my argument.
  • I will use emotive and persuasive language (such as ‘Surely’).
  • I will use humour, stories and/or questions to gain my audience’s attention.
  • I will conclude with a strong statement.



Students enjoying lunchtime Zumba in the library with Ms Kelly

Student Voice

 The Student Council have been working on a school questionnaire relating to Recycling in the school.  They will meet next week to finalise this and hope to gain information about attitudes, resources, and ideas.  Students are reminded to use the Student Voice box in the assembly area if they wish to bring anything to the attention of the council and to keep an eye on Student Voice Notice board.  

Next week is Standup Awareness Week and we hope to involve the school in the National Awareness campaign BeLongTo.

Transition Year

Diary of Transition Year Student 

“Ty spent 24 hours in Delphi resort in Connemara embracing the beautiful outdoors and eating hearty homemade meals. The activities consisted of Bog Runs, Campfires, High Rope Climbing, Archery and Canoeing. The activities were fantastic and we had time in between activities and before bed where we relaxed in the common room, bonding and having fun. Overall it was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend Delphi to anybody and everybody as a place to reconnect with environment, bond with peers and improve one’s mental health!”.

TY Leisure Activities:

Our TY’s participate in Leisure activities every Tuesday afternoon. Each week they get the opportunity to try new activities which they might not get the chance to in mainstream PE. They visit a number of local gyms and local sports facilities as well. Thank you to all the local coaches for accommodating us. 

This week our classes started their new activity which will run for the next three weeks.

  • 4A: Surfing (Rossnowlagh).
  • 4B: Golf (Lesley Robinson, Murvagh Golf Club) & Table tennis (Library).
  • 4C: Self Defence (Dt Fitness).
  • 4C:Aqua- aerobics (Central Leisure Centre).
  • 4E: Golf (Lesley Robinson, Murvagh Golf Club) & Table tennis (Library)

TY Mini Company 

TY students have been planning and researching their mini-company ideas over the past few weeks. All students will present their ideas and their business plans during their in-class Dragons Den competition over the next few weeks, the winners from each class will then go up against the other class winners in the AVS Dragons Den final after Christmas.  There is a wide variety of ideas from all groups. Some of these ideas include personalised products such as t-shirts and hats. Environmentally friendly products such as bamboo toothbrushes, reusable shopping bags, and metal straws. 

Aware Positive Mental Health Programme

A group of our TY students will take part in a four-week Positive Mental Health programme delivered by AWARE. There are eight modules in total delivered over the four sessions and the programme includes the following topics:


Module-Understanding your feelings

-This session introduces cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and helps students to understand that what we think and do influences how we feel.

Module- Are You Strong Enough To Keep Your Temper (1,2,3, Breathe)

-This session helps students to recognise what winds them up and teaches them how to control their anger and improve their happiness and relationships.


Module –Looking at things differently

-This session teaches students to recognise and control unhelpful thinking patterns and encourages them to challenge negative thoughts and replace them with more helpful ones.

Module–Building inner confidence

-Things other people say to us creep into our heads and we begin to believe them. This session helps students to re-build their self-confidence and learn to like themselves again.


Module–The Things You Do That Mess You Up

-This session helps students identify things in their life such as comfort eating or spending money which may make them feel better initially but which may lead to problems over time, and how to deal with the temptation to do them.

Module– How to Fix Almost Everything

-Everything is achievable if it’s broken down into small enough steps. This session introduces a 4-step plan to help students tackle problems and make positive changes in their life.


Module –Doing things that make you feel better

-We’ve all said this to ourselves when we’re feeling down. This session focuses on encouraging students to start doing things that can make them feel better.

Module – Ten Things You Can Do to Feel Happier

-The last session sums everything up and shows students some simple things that they can build into them everyday life to help them feel happier, fitter and more positive.


Our TY’s have started their Sports Leader training as part of the PE programme. This programme is run in conjunction with Donegal Sports Partnership. Through this course, students will learn and demonstrate important life skills such as effective communication and organisation, whilst leading basic physical and sports activities with younger students, their peers, and within primary schools in the community. The transferable skills learned will be useful in college, the workplace and life in general.

TY Coaching: A large number of transition years have volunteered to coach athletics on Thursday evenings. They will gain valuable experience coaching primary school-age children for the year. They will also be responsible for organising various athletic events throughout the year. The first event that they will host is the Primary School Sports Hall Athletics in December.

First Years

First year students have settled back to work this week after the midterm break. The first half term saw the first years through the initial phase of our induction programme where they had sessions on internet safety, team bonding, study skills, and many more areas. Peer mentors have been linking in with the first years to ensure they are all aware of the many sporting activities and clubs that are on offer in the school as well as giving the first year’s useful tips with the organisation of lockers and school bags. 

As we move into the second half of this term, we will be working closely with first years in the area of positive behaviour and will be looking to raise awareness of the great effort, work, and support that our first years are showing each other every day. In the coming weeks, we will be meeting with all first-year classes to finalise plans for this area. Watch this space!

Well done to all our first years who are participating in competitive and non-competitive activities and who bring so much energy and positivity to our many school clubs. A reminder to all that it is never too late to join and take up a new hobby and meet new friends. A list of all the lunchtime clubs, activities – competitive or non-competitive can be seen on the first-year notice board along with the teacher involved.

A reminder that the first-year parent-teacher meeting will take place later this month on November 28th. We look forward to meeting you all again here. 




Well done to our four athletes who competed at the All Ireland Schools Pentathlon final in Athlone on Saturday. They competed in a range of running, jumping and throwing events against the top athletes from all over Ireland.

The four athletes involved were:

Under 17 Girls:          

  • Laoise Mc Gonagle finished in 5th place with 3055 points.
  • Rachel Gallagher finished in 7th place with 2768 points.

Under 17 Boys:        

  • Eoin Sharkey finished in 6th place with 3011 points.
  • Shane Breslin finished in 10th place with 2105 points.

image017We want to give a big thank you to Paul Diver of Sandhouse Hotel for sponsoring vests and training tops to our Athletics team this year. This contribution ultimately helps our athletes to attend these sporting events, and we are incredibly grateful that our athletes are afforded the opportunity to do so.

We would also like to thank Tír Chonaill AC for their ongoing hard work with our school athletes. We are in a fortunate position whereby the school and Tír Chonaill AC have a great relationship which in turn helps our athletes achieve their full potential.

Run 4 Fun training

Our Run 4 Fun training is on every Thursday at lunchtime on the track for all students. This training is open to all students who want to improve their fitness and will cater to all fitness levels ranging from walking level up to running level. We are integrating Run 4 Fun training into the warm-up for all of our PE classes in the coming weeks and they will be given training diaries to log their training. Any students wishing to increase their training is encouraged to get involved in this lunchtime initiative.

Students must wear runners for the training and can meet on the track at the beginning of lunch. Training will last 20/30 minutes every day.

Boys Basketball. 

Under 16 v St Patricks College Cavan

Commiserations to the under 16 boys’ basketball team who were defeated by an excellent St Patricks College Cavan outfit. A slow start from Abbey Vocational School saw them go 11 points behind in the first quarter. Abbey Vocational School rallied in the second quarter and outscored their opponents 11 points to 8 in this period. Poor shooting and some unfortunate errors slowed Abbey Vocational school’s momentum after the half time break and St. Patrick’s College held on for a deserved victory 30-42. The best players on the day for Abbey Vocational School were Jake Graham and Daniel Quinn. Team: Niall Prendiville, Jake Graham, Ben McNeely, Ethan Kenny, Seamus Og Caldwell, Conor Campbell, Tawan Sanlarat, Fiachra O’Donnell, Daniel Quinn, Connor Gillespie, Oisin Mogan, and Leo McGowan 

Under 19 v St Patrick’s College Cavan

The under 19 boys’ basketball team got off to an excellent start in a pulsating clash against St. Patricks College Cavan. The outstanding defence and work rate of the home team forced several turnovers which led to some fantastic break- away scores. St Patrick’s college managed to keep their noses in front through some excellent shooting, leading by just three points at the half time interval. Despite the efforts of MVP Darragh Griffin and Ultan O’Grady, St. Patrick’s College always managed to stay a couple of baskets out in front and held on for a nine-point victory. The whole team should be proud of the effort, attitude, and determination on display. Team: Darragh Griffin, Shane Meehan, Carl McCarry, Diarmuid O’Donnell, Ultan O’Grady, Sennan Quinn, Evan Gallagher, Frank Cornyn, Oisin O’Donnell, Chris Darby, Creegan Alcock, Ryan Coughlan. 

Sportshall Athletics

Our First-year team will be finalised in the coming weeks in preparation for the regional finals in December. The team will consist of 12 boys and 12 girls in first year. They will compete against schools from South Donegal in a number of running, jumping and throwing events.

Athletics Training

Training is on every Tuesday after school from 4 pm – 5.15 pm. This training is for all students wishing training for cross country and track & field.

Gaelic Football – Boys

Senior Boy Gaelic Football

MacLarnon Cup, Group stage

  • Loreto, Milford 3-12
  • Abbey VS 1-10


The Abbey senior Gaelic footballers traveled to Loreto, Milford on Thursday 7th November for the first group game in the Ulster Colleges Mac Larnon Cup. 

The teams had met previously only two weeks before in the Donegal County Final where Loreto ran out 3 point winners after a strong start from Abbey VS. 

This Mac Larnon cup match was to follow a similar pattern with the Abbey boys starting brightly with points from Thomas White, Shay Travers, Alex McCalmont and Frank Cornyn giving them the lead in a high tempo first 20 minutes. 

However, Loreto came storming back into the game, scoring a goal and 6 points without reply. 

Despite this purple patch for Loreto, Abbey hit back before half time with a goal from Alex McCalmont and an excellent Thomas White point leaving the score 1-9 to 1-6 at the break in favour of Loreto. 

Abbey had a lightning-fast start to the second half, reeling off 2 points from Richard O’Rourke and Thomas White to get them right back in the game. This, unfortunately, was to be as close as Abbey got to a strong Loreto team for the rest of the game. Two goals in quick succession knocked the wind out of the Abbey challenge and, despite working hard right to the end with 2 further points from Shay Travers, there was to be no comeback. 

The remaining 2 group games for our Seniors in the MacLarnon Cup are against Carndonagh and St. Columba’s. Hopefully, they can pick themselves up from this opening defeat to make a mark in the competition.

Gaelic Football Girls

U16 Girls

Abbey VS v St. Catherine’s VS, Killybegs


Hard luck to our U16 girls who were narrowly defeated by St Catherine’s, Killybegs last Thursday. Killybegs started the game very strongly with three goals in a short space of time, but our girls fought hard to get back but they ran out of time. It was a great team performance and they can take a lot of positives into their next game where they play Gairmscoil Chu Uladh this coming Monday. 

Lunchtime Activities:

Our lunchtime SPORTS FOR ALL programme is running every day. Thank you to all the teachers who have volunteered to help run such a large programme. 

There are at least two activities on each day, indoors in the sports hall and outdoors on the tennis courts. The timetable is posted on the notice boards around the school. ALL students are encouraged to come out and get active during their lunch break. Students can participate in their uniform but must wear proper footwear/runners.  Please see Mrs. Gallagher if you have any questions.

Lunchtime activities include football on the courts.

Activities for this term are as follows: 


Day Event Teacher Venue


Girls Badminton

(open to all students)

Mrs Gallagher Sports Hall
TY Boys Soccer Mr Gorman Tennis Court


1st Year Boys Soccer Mr O’ Mahony Sports Hall
Senior Boys Soccer Mr Daly Tennis Court
Sports Hall


2nd Year Boys  Soccer Mr McLoone Sports Hall
1st Year Boys Soccer Mr O Donnell Tennis Court

(open to all girls)

Ms. Kelly Library


Ultimate Frisbee

(open to all students)

Mrs. O’Mahony Sports Hall
2nd Year Boys Soccer Mr Russell Tennis Court
Keep Fit Running club

(open to all students)

Mrs Gallagher School track


1st  & 2nd Year Girls Unihoc Ms. Rooney Sports Hall
3rd Year Boys Soccer Mr Herron Tennis Court
Dance Club

(open to all girls)

Ms. Kelly Library



Sports Team Coach Training time Venue
Athletics Mrs M Gallagher Tuesday

4pm – 5.30pm

Sports hall and track

1st & 2nd Year Boys 

Mr. P Mc Devitt,

L. Gallagher,

(Mr. S Carty)


3.30 – 4.30 pm

Sports hall

Senior & U16 Boys

Mr. D Russell,

S. Mogan,

(Mr. S Carty)

Monday 4- 6pm Sports hall

1st & 2nd Year Girls 

Ms P Rooney,

Ms S Mogan


3.30pm – 4.30pm

Sports hall

Senior & U16 Girls

Mrs. E O’ Mahony,

Ms V Lockhart


3.30 – 5.30pm

Sports hall
Cross Country Mrs M Gallagher Tuesday 4.15- 5.30pm

Thursday Lunchtime

School track
Gaelic Girls 


Mrs M Crawford

Ms. G Creane


4.15 – 5.30pm

School field / All weather pitch
Gaelic Girls 

U16 & Senior: 

Mrs M Crawford

P Rooney


4.15 – 5.30pm

School field / All weather pitch
Gaelic Boys 


Mr P O’Donnell,

Mr. S Mc Fadden


3.30 – 4.45pm

School field / All weather pitch
Gaelic Boys 


Mr. L McLoone,

Mr. C Monahan


4:10 – 5:10

School field / All weather pitch
Gaelic Boys 


Mr. B Carty,

Mr. C Herron


3.30pm – 4.30pm

School field / All weather pitch
Girls Active Mrs. PA Gavigan, Mrs. R Myers Thursday

3.30pm -4.30pm

Parish hall / Library
Soccer Boys – 1st yr  Mr S Devlin Tuesday

4pm – 5p2k8m

Soccer Boys – U15 Mr. I O’Mahony,

Mr. L Gallagher


3.30pm -4.30pm

School field / All weather pitch
Soccer Boys – U17 Mr C Hegarty
Soccer Boys – Senior  Mr. G Gorman Wednesday

3.30pm – 4.30pm

Squash Mr I O’Mahony
Rowing Mr. S Maguire


Day  Activity Teacher Room
Monday Science Club Ms. Furey Room 47
Art Class Ms O’Donnell Room12A


Chess Club Ms. Mohan Room 3
Coding Club Mr Harvey & Mr Herron Room 45
School Choir Ms Doherty & Mrs Carr Room 16
Wednesday Reading Club Ms. O’ Donnell Room 12a
Irish Conversation Club Mr Mc Fadden & Ms. Giblin Room 26
Thursday Drama Class Ms O’Donnell Room 9
Friday Maths Club Ms Lockhart Room 30
Trad Music Club Ms Doherty Room 13


Non Competitive Sports For All
Activity Boys/Girls Teacher Day/Time Room
Badminton Girls Mrs. Gallagher Monday Lunchtime Sports hall
Indoor soccer Boys Mr O’ Mahony Tuesday Lunchtime Sports hall
Soccer Boys Mr O’ Donnell Wednesday Lunchtime Tennis Courts
Zumba Girls Ms Kelly Wednesday Lunchtime Library
Ultimate Frisbee Boys & Girls Mrs O’ Mahony Thursday Lunchtime Sports hall
Keep fit running club Boys & Girls Mrs Gallagher Thursday Lunchtime School track
Girls Active Girls Mrs Gavigan Thursday 3.30 – 4.30pm Library
Unihoc Girls Ms. Rooney Friday Lunchtime Sports hall
Dance club Girls Ms Kelly Friday Lunchtime Library
Non Sport Related Activities
Science Club Boys & Girls Ms Furey Monday Lunchtime

Tuesday 4pm – 5pm

Room 45
Art Club Boys & Girls Ms O Donnell Monday Lunchtime Room 12A
Coding Club Boys & Girls Mr Harvey & Mr Herron Tuesday Lunchtime Room 45
Chess Club Boys & Girls Ms. Mohan Tuesday Lunchtime Room 3
School Choir Boys & Girls Ms Doherty Tuesday Lunchtime Room 16
Reading Club Boys & Girls Ms. O’ Donnell Wednesday Lunchtime Room 9

Irish Conversation Club

Boys & Girls Mr Mc Fadden

Ms. Giblin

Wednesday Lunchtime Room 26
Drama Class Boys & Girls Ms. O’ Donnell Thursday Lunchtime Room 9
Maths Club Boys & Girls Ms Lockhart Friday Lunchtime Room 30
Trad Music Club Boys & Girls Ms Doherty Friday Lunchtime Room 13
Competitive Sports for First Years
Activity Boys/Girls Teacher Day/Time Room
Athletics &

Cross Country

Boys & Girls Mrs. Gallagher Tuesday

4.15 – 5.30pm

Sports hall & Track
Basketball Girls Ms Rooney Thursday

3.30 – 5pm

Sports hall
Basketball Boys Mr Mc Devitt Friday

3.30 – 4.30 pm

Sports hall
Gaelic U14 Girls Mrs M Crawford

Ms G. Creane


4.15 – 5.30pm

School field / All weather pitch
Gaelic U14 Boys Mr O’ Donnell

Mr Mc Fadden


3.30 – 4.45pm

School field / All weather pitch
Soccer Boys Mr Devlin TBC School field / All weather pitch
Rowing Boys & Girls Mr Maguire TBC School gym



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