AVS Newsletter – Mon 21st Oct 2019


On Tuesday October 15th, the AVS were delighted to launch the new gym facilities at the Abbey Vocational School. These new facilities were developed in partnership with the school and the Abbey Hotel who have very generously agreed to sponsor the project. The new and upgraded gym is a fantastic addition to already excellent facilities at Abbey Vocational School!


Principal Ms Geraldine Diver with Games Development Manager, A Kyles and Mick McGrath GAA County Board, members of the Donegal Senior Football team and Liam Clancy and Elaine McInaw from the Abbey Hotel. 

The Music Department


German philosopher Immanuel Kant called musicThe Quickening Art.”  

During Mental Health Awareness week, our students examined the positive effects of music on our wellbeing and on that of children, elderly and even animals.

The annual ‘Big Sing’ took place on Wednesday 16th October where  300 students, 40 guitar and ukulele players and 3 percussionists played and sang for their positive mental health for the afternoon. Everyone found the Big Sing to be a joyful and uplifting experience, all going home that day in a positive, happy mood!

Best wishes to our students in the Bluestack Foundation Choir who will perform on Saturday in Croke Park at ‘Beyond Limits’, an event empowering young people with disabilities. They will perform several songs including ‘I lived’, and ‘Proud Mary’.  We are very proud of each and every one of them.

Student Voice

Ten of our students will attend the AGM of the Donegal Comhairle na nOg in Letterkenny on Wednesday next.  The day will consist of facilitated workshops to discuss issues relevant to them and their community.  This year’s theme is ‘Minding your Mental Health’.  The ‘Big Sing’ took place this week in the Abbey Vocational School as singing is proven to be a powerful way to improve your wellbeing. All years gathered in the assembly area to celebrate music, joy and positive mental health!.


Choir continues to meet on Tuesdays at lunchtime.  New members welcome.  Musical rehearsals are every lunchtime and after school.  Leads and chorus are working hard for the musical and they are really beginning to understand their parts.

The Trad Music Club has now commenced in room 13 on Friday the Music Department. The day will change starting this week  to Thursdays. If you have a love of traditional music please come along, new members are most welcome!

John Paul II Awards


AVS Students Mikaela Mc Connon, Katelyn Duffy, Frank Duffy, Roisin Feeney, Marie Mc Girr and Aoife Mackle are pictured after receiving their Pope John Paul II awards from Bishop Alan Mc Guckian on Wednesday the 16th of October. To  receive this award, these students completed voluntary work in their parish and community. The school would like to thank the leaders at parish level who gave up their own time to guide these students throughout the year.

The Pope John Paul II Award is a faith achievement award for young people between the age of 16 and 18. It is non-competitive, inclusive, flexible and voluntary.


Chess Club

The Chess Club has resumed on Mondays in room 3 and all new members are welcome! The game of chess is played by millions of people worldwide.  Chess is believed to be derived from the Indian game chaturanga some time before the 7th century. If you have an interest in joining our Chess Club please come along to our meetings as everyone is welcome!

The Maths Club 

The Abbey Vocational School Maths Club meets on Fridays at lunchtime in Room 30. The Maths Club runs an enrichment programme that focuses on helping students enjoy Maths!


  1. An information evening for parents/guardians of Leaving Cert students will take place in the library on Tuesday, 05 Nov. 2019; 7-9 p.m. Maria Faherty, Guidance Counsellor will present.  The presentation will cover options available to students including 3rd level, FET, Apprenticeships & Traineeships. Parental, financial & other supports will also be discussed.
  2. Donegal ETB’s Further Education & Training (FET) Fair 2019 takes place in the Radisson Hotel, Letterkenny on Wednesday, 06 November (7.00-9.00pm) for Leaving Certificate students and their parents.
  3. Career talks for Leaving Certs taking place in the library over the coming weeks
  • Angela’s: 23 Oct. 2019 @ 10.20 – 11.00
  • North-West Regional College: 06 Nov. 2019 @ 10.20 – 11.00
  • University of Limerick: 11 Nov. 2019 @ 11.55 – 12.35
  1. UCAS registration took place on Wednesday, 16 October. All Leaving Certs wishing to apply to 3rd level college should now be registered and working on the final parts of their application.
  2. Maynooth University Open Day will take place on 29 Nov. 2019. The Guidance department will bring 5th years to this event. Further information will be provided during Guidance class.


English Department

‘The Readathon’ The English Department will be embarking on the ‘The Readathon’ initiative in the coming weeks. This initiative is an amazing opportunity for Students to engage and challenge themselves establishing a lifelong love of books all while raising funds for multiple sclerosis!

The Well Read Award

The English Department has been working with The PDST ‘Well Read National Award’. This is a national initiative designed and organised by the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST). It aims to create heightened awareness about the importance of creating a culture of reading in school communities for students as part of their personal and academic development.

The Reading Club

The Reading Club has started with Ms. O’Donnell at lunchtime on Wednesdays in Room 12. If you have a love of reading, join our book club! It is a reading group for Students who love to read and talk about books, if that is you then join our Club!

The Art Department

TY students continue to work on the mural for room 12. Work has begun on sets for the school musical. Non exam classes are currently working on the Credit Union Art competition. A number of Art students from the AVS are currently exhibiting work at the annual Suile na n’Og art exhibition at the Regional Cultural Centre in Letterkenny.



Students enjoying lunchtime Zumba in the library with Ms Kelly

Science Club

This week we continue our young scientist project profiles and in Science club we are busy conducting our background knowledge and preparing our project literature reviews.

Treating psoriasis with snail slime by Robyn Given and Katie Furey


OVERVIEW: Psoriasis is an autoimmune and inflammatory condition of the skin. Currently, psoriasis is treated with topical steroids which have the following side effects: tingling skin, numbness or pins and needles, headaches, joint pain, muscle twitching, increased hair growth and even high blood pressure. Our project will aim to see if treatment with mucin or snail slime is as effective as treatment with topical steroids in volunteer subjects with psoriasis.

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT/BACKGROUND: A friend’s parents recently travelled to Spain and while there they purchased a commercial mucin and aloe vera enhanced emollient cream. The sellers told them that it was effective in the treatment of psoriasis so they brought it back to their daughter to see if it would help to ease her skin rash. After a few applications the psoriasis rash seemed a lot less angry and after a few weeks of treatment the improvement was noticeable. This led us to research which ingredient, the aloe vera or the mucin, was effective in treating psoriasis.

APPROACH: We have conducted a trial on a volunteer using a commercial mucin enhanced emollient cream to see if it is as effective as a topical steroid in the treatment of psoriasis. Our test with this volunteer showed that it is as useful as a prescribed topical steroid treatment in reducing skin inflammation in scaly patches in this volunteer. We now intend on creating our own mucin enhanced emollient cream using comercial mucin and a cheap emollient cream so that we can use the same non-mucin enhanced emollient cream as our control. We then intend to test our mucin enhanced emollient cream on volunteers who have psoriasis patches on their skin to see if the snail slime helps to alleviate/cure any of the scaly skin rash symptoms. We will compare the mucin enhanced emollient cream with non mucin enhanced emollient cream by measuring the area reduction in scaly skin patches. Additionally, we will test another patch with a typically prescribed topical steroid and we will again compare the plaque area reduction in both the mucin enhanced emollient cream treated patches with the topical steroid treated patches. We will aim to interpret our results by calculating differences between our mucin enhanced emollient cream and our non-mucin enhanced emollient mean area reduction in scaly skin patches and we will use a ‘t test’ to see if scaly skin reduction in treated scaly patches are statistically significant to each other.

Flax as an alternative to heavy duty plastic strapping for packaging by Ella Doherty and Ailbhe Loughney


PROJECT OVERVIEW: Flax is a natural and biodegradable material that has very high inherent tensile strength. Its usage in packaging has yet to be tested. Flax is an indigenous crop to Donegal and the greater requirement for this material could help to sustain tillage farming in parts of our county. We will examine the process of obtaining strong fibres from the Flax plant and we will test the strength of these Flax fibres in one of the Engineering laboratories at Letterkenny Institute of Technology, using both the strap test and the ASTM D5034 Textile Elongation and Breaking Strength Testing. We will examine the knots/ joins required to secure the flax as a durable joint and we will test the flax strapping on waxed card packaging to ensure waterproofing. We will create a cost analysis comparison for the existing plastic production and disposal versus the natural flax alternative.

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT/BACKGROUND: Climate change and being ‘eco-friendly’ is one of the biggest topics of conversation between young people today. We are more aware of the challenges our planet is facing and we, the millennials of today, have chosen responsibility over complacency and are taking action against climate change in the hope of saving our future. Packaging of goods has become a major pollutant, especially with the growth of online shopping in recent years. We live on the Atlantic coast and have been involved in beach ‘clean-ups’ and we have noticed the very large amount of heavy duty plastic strapping that washes up on our shores. Polypropylene plastic is not biodegradable. Plastic is known to be one of the biggest causes of pollution today, due to its toxic fast production and lack of reusability, as well as the use of fossil fuels in its production. Flax is a naturally grown fibre crop, usually cultivated in cooler regions of the world such as Ireland. Flax is a very strong material which cannot be easily cut but instead torn/stripped from the top to the bottom of each fibre. Flax absorbs CO2   during its growth phase and is likely to be carbon neutral even after processing to produce strapping, (in the way timber is carbon neutral as a building material) . Flax has been used for hundreds of years in the yarn industry (linen) and is an indigienous crop of Donegal. Flax oil has many health benefits as it contains omega 3 and antioxidants. Flax has also  been used for hundreds of years in thatching the roofs of stone cottages. In all of its uses the fibre of flax has proven to be extremely strong and it endures the harsh Atlantic weather.

APPROACH: We intend to use flax as an alternative to thin heavy duty plastic strapping around boxes, crates and canned beverages. We intend to study the proliferation of flax as a crop in Donegal currently, and to then examine its uses today. We will then test the replacement of plastic strapping with a variety of assemblies of flax strands and joining methods (plaiting, knotting etc.) and we intend to examine the use of this flax strapping with bales of briquettes and other uses where strong plastic strapping is normally found.

We will then strength-test the flax strapping designs in an engineering laboratory at Letterkenny Institute of Technology and the results of this will guide our preferred design.

We also hope to research the financial cost of plastic strapping (manufacture, supply and disposal) through Spectrum Printing and Logistics, City West, Dublin and we hope to compare this to the cost of a flax alternative.

Trip to Salthill Farm


Students studying Level 2 in the Abbey Vocational School enjoyed a wonderful day out at Salthill Cabin as part of their course in Animal Welfare. The café is ideally located on the Wild Atlantic Way.

There is also an animal petting area with pygmy goats, peacock birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoise and lots more. Sit back with a soup or chowder and enjoy the wonderful views of the Benbulben Mountains and Donegal Bay, or grab a coffee and take a walk along the shore taking in the wonderful panoramic views of the Blue Stack Mountains and Barnesmore Gap.

The Students and Staff had a great day and would like to thank the hospitality of the Salthill Cabin!

The Student Council


Sligo Institute of Technology

Since it first opened in September 1970, IT Sligo has been one of Ireland’s leading third level institutions. Students are at the heart of the Institute’s ethos. It is home to 6,000 students across the Institute’s full-time, part-time and apprenticeship programmes.

On Thursday Students from the Abbey Vocational School visited Sligo IT’s Open Day, listening to inspiring course talks, taking part in workshops across all faculties and experienced the modern teaching space, labs & studios. Students benefited from speaking with lecturers one to one, asking questions, exploring the campus and having fun!

Teaching & Learning: Introduction to Success Criteria.

In each class students will hear about learning intentions. They may also hear teachers refer to Success Criteria. These are closely linked to learning intentions. (See Newsletter 16th Sept). Success criteria are designed by the teacher and/or the student and describe what success looks like. They help our students to make judgements about the quality of their learning.

In simple terms, success criteria are the things students need to do in order to make a piece of work, whether it be an essay, a project, a CBA or an exam answer, good!

For example, a learning intention might be: “To present a point of view in a persuasive manner”.

Success criteria for this learning intention might look like the following

  • I will begin with a good opening sentence.
  • I will present reasons and examples to back up my argument.
  • I will use emotive and persuasive language (such as ‘Surely’).
  • I will use humour, stories and/or questions to gain my audience’s attention.
  • I will conclude with a strong statement

Streetwise Talk

On Monday and Tuesday the 14th and 15th of October the Abbey Vocational School welcomed Streetwise to talk about educating, informing and empowering young people by teaching them about the criminal laws which are most relevant to them.


Established in June 2014 Streetwise believe that young people, some of whom, due to a variety of reasons, are susceptible to being drawn into criminal activity and interactions with the police, benefit from having knowledge of the criminal law system. Streetwise believe that if they understand criminal offences, the risks and consequences of certain activities, police powers and their rights as individuals: this enables them to make better decisions, avoid interactions with the police escalating and potentially prevent Students becoming involved in the criminal justice system.


Transition Year


LYIT Enterprise Competition 


On Wednesday 16th October, 10 Transition Year business students took part in an enterprise competition run by LYIT. The Abbey Vocational School was one of only 24 schools in the county chosen to participate in this competition. On arrival, the students met Ursula Donnelly, an official at Enterprise Ireland who was their mentor for the day. They were given a small bag of everyday items & tasked with creating a prototype of a product to pitch to a panel of judges for investment. There was 90 minutes in which they had to design a product, research the finance required to build it, and prepare their 3 minute pitch. Ursula was a wonderful aid to the Abbey Students, her great business knowledge really helping to lead them down the path to success. After their time was up, the students were escorted to a small room to pitch their business plan to a panel of 6 judges, all of whom are prominent entrepreneurs in the locality. The Abbey students really stood out with their pitch of “Flexi-Roll”, a collapsible foam roller for athletes. These students were a credit to the school, taking home second place overall and being asked to present their product pitch for the 240 students, their teachers and all the LYIT lecturers and staff present. This was an incredible experience for everyone involved and it really helped the students who attended to understand what it takes to succeed in business.  It is clear that the Abbey Vocational School fosters an entrepreneurial mind and will continue to develop smart and savvy business people going forward. By Savannah Timoney.

The Transition Year Musical Production


‘West Side StoryMusical

‘West Side Story’ is a 1961 American musical and drama film directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. The film is an adaptation of the 1957 Broadway musical of the same name, which in turn was inspired by William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet.

The Diary of a member of the ‘West Side Story’ cast;

As I’m sure all are well aware of by now, the Abbey Vocational School are preparing our splendid production of “West Side Story”. All Transition Years are beginning the slow & steady countdown to the musical as it’s now dawning on us that we only have six weeks of rehearsal before taking to the stage. Undaunted by the monumental task ahead of us, we’re making great strides in rehearsals, having covered a majority of dances & musical numbers that will be appearing in the play. Over the weekend, the girls have been perfecting the songs “I Feel Pretty” & “America” while the boys focused on crafting their stage combat skills for “The Rumble”, the intense scene in which two gangs go head to head. This week we are beginning to prepare the final scene of the play which will take great amounts of effort & commitment from every member of the cast due to the sheer volume of drama & emotional intensity required of the musical’s final moments. This has been an important week for the leads who are rehearsing for the first time completely off-script. Although this is challenging, the extra work involved in learning lines is definitely worth it because we can begin to see how beautifully the show is coming together. West Side Story has become such a loved part of the lives of all Transition Years that we can hardly imagine what we would do without it! We hope to follow in the footsteps of all the years that came before us to put on a musical we can all be proud of.

Fashion First Workshop

Fashion First Workshop teaches students about the fundamentals of sewing to help explore their creativity. Instructors nurture and help build self esteem


AVS students [Fashion Designers] start with a sketch (croquis), technical details, choose and render the fabric, learn the proper way to make a pattern, including measuring each other, learn to understand the importance of this process including the FIT of the garment. They also learn how to pin and sew, use a sewing machine to complete the entire garment, including the final fitting.

Students were enlightened on the importance of budget and economics of fashion. Finally on the last day of class Students will hold a Fashion Show.

TY Leisure Activities:

Our TY’s participate in Leisure activities every Tuesday afternoon. Each week they get the opportunity to try new activities which they might not get the chance to in mainstream PE. They visit a number of local gyms and local sports facilities as well. Thank you to all the local coaches for accommodating us.

This weeks classes will be participating in the following:

  • 4A: Aqua- aerobics
  • 4B: Surfing
  • 4C:Zumba & Rowing
  • 4C: Zumba & Rowing
  • 4E: Dt Fitness Self Defence


Our TY’s have started their Sports Leader training as part of the PE programme. This programme is run in conjunction with Donegal Sports Partnership.  Through this course, students will learn and demonstrate important life skills such as effective communication and organisation, whilst leading basic physical and sports activities with younger students, their peers, and within primary schools in the community. The transferable skills learned will be useful in college, the workplace and life in general.

TY Coaching:

A large number of transition years have volunteered to coach athletics on Thursday evenings. They will gain valuable experience coaching primary school age children for the year. They will also be responsible for organising various athletic events throughout the year.

Personal Development is about creating self-awareness and strengthening your team’s communication skills to have a positive impact on how they interact with others. This course is designed to help build confidence and enhance an individual’s potential, both personally and professionally.


New Gym Facilities @ the AVS


On Tuesday October 15th, the AVS were delighted to launch the new gym facilities at the Abbey Vocational School. These new facilities were developed in partnership with the school and the Abbey Hotel, Donegal who have very generously agreed to sponsor the project.

The Abbey Hotel is renowned for its unique setting in the centre of the town with idyllic views of Donegal Bay. The hotel is within minutes of stunning coastal drives, beaches and signature discovery points of the famous Wild Atlantic Way.

The new and upgraded gym is a fantastic addition to already excellent facilities at Abbey Vocational School. The facilities will also be used by the CLG Dhún na nGall Senior football squad as part of the Strength and Conditioning programmes in preparation for retaining their Ulster Senior title in 2020 and their goal to progress beyond the Super 8’s in the subsequent All-Ireland campaign. The launch was attended by Chairperson Mick McGrath, Abbey VS Principal Geraldine Diver, Staff & Students, as well as a number of the Donegal Senior panel that will be using the gym.


U-16  Boys Gaelic 

AVS v Loreto Milford: 2-7, 0-14

On Wednesday the 16th of October the AVS travelled to Milford for the U16 Gaelic Match. Dominating throughout the game the AVS fought hard to command a lead of 5 points with 15 minutes to go. But Loreto came back and with the breeze they scored 3 soft frees, winning by a point.

Team; Oisin McNulty, Odhran Meehan, Sean Boyle, Fiachra O’Donnell, Ethan McNulty, Ross O’Keaney, Andrew Monaghan, Senan Quinn, Jamie Gorrell, Liam Gallagher, Conor Campbell, Conor Reid, Rory Kennedy, Dermot Slevin, Daniel Quinn, John Bell.

U 20 Girls Gaelic 

Our U20 girls headed to Fintra for their first outing of the year where they faced St Catherines Killybegs and were unlucky to come away without a victory.

The girls started off strongly and went ahead at halftime by six points. The second half saw a determined start from St. Catherines  who slowly clawed back the lead but Abbey VS hit back with two goals and looked to be heading for victory when some very accurate shooting from St. Catherines  and a very well taken goal,  saw the home girls take victory by 4 points.  Our girls will have taken some positives away from the match and with hopefully a full squad on our next outing we can secure a victory.


Students are training every Thursday evening at 6.30pm with Tir Chonaill AC. Tuesday’s after school session has started back this week also.

We have a number of students preparing for cross country coming up in November. Our first years will compete in the Regional Sportshall Athletics final in December.

Good luck to the following students who will compete in the All Ireland Schools Multi Events in Athlone at the start of November. They will compete against the top athletes from across the country in five events, ranging in jumping throwing, hurdling and running.

The students will compete in the following groups.

  • U17 Boys: Eoin Sharkey  and Shane Breslin.
  • U17 Girls: Laoise Mc Gonagle and Rachel Gallagher.

Girls Basketball 

Well done to the senior girls who beat Castlerea college in the senior cup competition

Lunchtime Sports For All Programme

Our lunchtime SPORTS FOR ALL programme is running every day. Thank you to all the teachers who have volunteered to help run such a large programme.

There are at least two activities on each day, indoors in the sports hall and outdoors on the tennis courts. The timetable is posted on the notice boards around the school. ALL students are encouraged to come out and get active during their lunch break. Students can participate in their uniform but must wear proper footwear/runners.  Please see Mrs. Gallagher if you have any questions.

The timetable for 0this term is as follows:

Day Event Teacher Venue


Girls Badminton

(open to all girls)

Mrs Gallagher Sports Hall
TY Boys Soccer Mr Gorman Tennis Court


1st Year Boys Soccer Mr O’ Mahony Sports Hall
Senior Boys Soccer Mr Daly Tennis Court


2nd Year Boys  Soccer Mr McLoone Sports Hall
1st Year Boys Soccer Mr O Donnell Tennis Court

(open to all girls)

Ms. Kelly Library


Ultimate Frisbee

(open to all students)

Mrs. O’Mahony Sports Hall
2nd Year Boys Soccer Mr Russell Tennis Court
Keep Fit Running club

(open to all students)

Mrs Gallagher School track


1st  & 2nd Year Girls Unihoc Ms. Rooney Sports Hall
3rd Year Boys Soccer Mr Herron Tennis Court
Dance Club

(open to all girls)

Ms. Kelly Library


Most of our after school training sessions have started this week. The timetable as follows is posted on the sports boards. Thank you to the many coaches and staff members who give their time to our sports teams. Please see your coach if you have any questions.

Sports Team Coach Training time Venue
Athletics Mrs M Gallagher Tuesday

4pm – 5.30pm

Sports hall & track

1st & 2nd Year Boys 

Mr. P Mc Devitt,

Mr. S Carty



Sports hall

Senior & U16 Boys

Mr. D Russell,

Mr. S Carty

Monday 4- 6pm Sports hall

1st & 2nd Year Girls 

Ms P Rooney,

Ms S Mogan


3.30pm – 4:30pm

Sports hall

Senior & U16 Girls

Mrs. E O’ Mahony,


Ms V Lockhart


3.30 – 5.30pm

Sports hall
Cross Country Mrs M Gallagher Tuesday 4.15- 5.30pm

Thursday Lunchtime

School track
Gaelic Girls 


Mrs M Crawford

Ms. G Creane


4.15 – 5.30pm

School field /

All weather pitch

Gaelic Girls 

U16 & Senior: 

Mrs M Crawford

P Rooney


4.15 – 5.30pm

School field /

All weather pitch

Gaelic Boys 


Mr P O’Donnell,

Mr. S Mc Fadden


3:30 – 4:30pm

School field /

All weather pitch

Gaelic Boys 


Mr. L McLoone,

Mr. C Monahan


4.15 – 5.30pm

School field /

All weather pitch

Gaelic Boys 


Mr. B Carty,

Mr. C Herron


3.30pm -4.30pm

School field /

All weather pitch

Girls Active Mrs. PA Gavigan,

Mrs. R Myers


3.30pm -4.30pm

Parish hall / Library

The following sports managers will meet their teams in the coming weeks to plan for their upcoming season.

  • Golf – Mr O Plunkett,
  • Soccer (1st Year) – Mr S Devlin,
  • Soccer – U15 – Mr I O’ Mahony & Mr L Gallagher,
  • Rowing – Mr S Maguire


Non-Competitive Sports for All

Activity Boys/Girls Teacher Day/Time Room
Badminton Girls Mrs. Gallagher Monday Lunchtime Sports hall
Indoor soccer Boys Mr O’ Mahony Tuesday Lunchtime Sports hall
Soccer Boys Mr O’ Donnell Wednesday Lunchtime Tennis Courts
Zumba Girls Ms Kelly Wednesday Lunchtime Library
Ultimate Frisbee Boys & Girls Mrs O’ Mahony Thursday Lunchtime Sports hall
Keep fit running club Boys & Girls Mrs Gallagher Thursday Lunchtime School track
Girls Active Girls Mrs Gavigan Thursday 3.30 – 4.30pm Library
Unihoc Girls Ms. Rooney Friday Lunchtime Sports hall
Dance club Girls Ms Kelly Friday Lunchtime Library

Non-Sport Related Activities

Science Club Boys & Girls Ms Furey Monday Lunchtime

Tuesday 4pm – 5pm

Room 45
Art Club Boys & Girls Ms O Donnell Monday Lunchtime Room 12A
Coding Club Boys & Girls Mr Harvey & Mr Herron Tuesday Lunchtime Room 45
Chess Club Boys & Girls Ms. Mohan Tuesday Lunchtime Room 3
School Choir Boys & Girls Ms Doherty Tuesday Lunchtime Room 16
Reading Club Boys & Girls Ms. O’ Donnell Wednesday Lunchtime Room 9
Irish Conversation Club Boys & Girls Mr Mc Fadden

Ms. Giblin

Wednesday Lunchtime Room 26
Drama Class Boys & Girls Ms. O’ Donnell Thursday Lunchtime Room 9
Maths Club Boys & Girls Ms Lockhart Friday Lunchtime Room 30
Trad Music Club Boys & Girls Ms Doherty Friday Lunchtime Room 13

Non-Sport Related Activities

Science Club Boys & Girls Ms Furey Monday Lunchtime

Tuesday 4pm – 5pm

Room 45
Art Club Boys & Girls Ms O Donnell Monday Lunchtime Room 12A

Competitive Sports for First Years

Activity Boys/Girls Teacher Day/Time Room
Athletics &

Cross Country

Boys & Girls Mrs. Gallagher Tuesday

4.15 – 5.30pm

Sports hall & Track
Basketball Girls Ms Rooney Thursday

3.30 – 5pm

Sports hall
Basketball Boys Mr Mc Devitt Friday

3.30 – 4.30 pm

Sports hall
Gaelic U14 Girls Mrs M Crawford

Ms G. Creane


4.15 – 5.30pm

School field / All weather pitch
Gaelic U14 Boys Mr O’ Donnell

Mr Mc Fadden


3.30 – 4.45pm

School field / All weather pitch
Soccer Boys Mr Devlin TBC School field / All weather pitch
Rowing Boys & Girls Mr Maguire TBC School gym

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